We are a venture capital firm investing in life science companies covering start-ups to later stage companies. Based in Heidelberg, we invest throughout Europe with the aim to build companies that create significant commercial opportunities based on new therapeutic treatment modalities and pharmaceuticals, next generation enabling technology platforms or innovations in the diagnostics and medical device area. As an independent and focused team we move quickly with short decision timelines. However, once engaged, we offer our portfolio companies the time and the attention they deserve to make them successful.

EMBL Ventures manages two Funds with a total of € 68m capital on behalf of major European private and institutional investors. We prefer a role as lead or co-lead investor in  financing rounds which typically range from € 5m to € 30m. Our total commitment in a single portfolio company can go as high as € 8m.

As with our portfolio companies each Partner at EMBL Ventures strives to build long-lasting personal relationships with Investors in our Funds, such as institutionals, high net-worth individuals and family offices. These relationships are based on EMBL Ventures' core values of open and prompt communication coupled with the ambition to generate maximum return.

Lipid Therapeutics licenses rights to its novel therapy for ulcerative
colitis to Nestlé Health Science

Nestlé Health Science to develop and commercialise LT-02 worldwide, except in Europe and Australia

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Immatics and MD Anderson announce launch of
Immatics US, Inc., to develop multiple T-cell and
TCR-based adoptive cellular therapies

Immatics US, Inc. has secured over $60m in total funding – more than $40m from the parent company Immatics Biotechnologies GmbH and a $19.7 million grant from the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT)
MD Anderson Cancer Center is a shareholder in Immatics US, Inc.

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ViraTherapeutics raises €3.6 million in the First Closing of a Series A FinancingRound to Advance its Novel Oncolytic Virus Platform

Funds will be used to progress ViraTherapeutic’s lead product VSV-GP towards clinical proof of concept in patients with solid tumors.

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