EMBL Ventures is an independent venture capital investor that manages two Funds with a total of €68 million capital on behalf of major European institutional and private investors. EMBL Ventures' close relationship with the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) and its technology transfer organization EMBL Enterprise Management Technology Transfer GmbH (EMBLEM) allows it to finance disruptive technologies in an entrepreneurial start-up environment, aiming ultimately for a transaction with a partner that is seeking to acquire external product innovation. EMBL Ventures is exclusively focused on life-science investments.

"We are a global network of 500 venture capitalists and innovation leaders across 150 funds, operating on five continents, which distinguishes itself through early-stage leadership, diverse reach and deep trust. EMBL Ventures is the "go-to" early-stage life sciences investors for members of our Society."
Phil Wickham; President and CEO, Center for Venture Education of the Kauffman Fellows Program, San Francisco